Equipment Repair & Service

Repair & Service

Our team can fix and repair your audio, lighting, video and projection systems. 
Over time, equipment gets damaged either by lack of service or continuous use. If your equipment has a current warranty, we will work with the manufacturer to ensure all repair is warranty-compliant.
If a piece of equipment is beyond repair, our team can assist with designing a new system to fit your budget and needs.

Preventative Maintenance

It is vital to keep your AV systems properly cleaned and maintained. If not done so, it could result in equipment failure and damage.
Contact our team today to setup a Preventative Maintenance service. From equipment cleaning and servicing to rack organization and troubleshooting.
ONE TIME SERVICE - If your equipment is having an issue or you need to start fresh, our team will come out and get your systems cleaned and operating its best.
SCHEDULED SERVICE - Equipment usually needs a monthly, quarterly or annual service completed to maximize use and longevity. Keep your audio, lighting, video and projection equipment working. It is best to not wait until there is an issue. 

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