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Meet the team behind the scenes...

Jeremy Acosta
Technical Director/Owner
Andrew Goclowski
Production Manager/Designer
Jonathan Casco

Favorite Dessert: NY Cheesecake

Favorite Hobby: Angels baseball                             & Ozark!

Favorite Dessert: Salted Caramel Pazookie

Favorite Hobby: Playing video games and building computers

Favorite Dessert: Carrot Cake

Favorite Hobby: Going to theme parks and movies

While I have always played around with sound and lighting equipment for most of my life, it wasn't until college when I started to get a more formal training. After working some of their productions at the college, I moved on to working at a couple of large theme parks in Southern California in the technical departments at each. I was a part of several shows, productions and events.

Starting from the bottom, I pushed myself to always work hard and make sure everything I do, is top quality. I have moved up into several leadership roles within technical departments. Leading and mentoring teams. I have been a Production Manager, Technical Director, etc, now it is time to bring the creative energy I have learned and gained towards JA Event Production.

There is no greater feeling than seeing the client and guests completely satisfied and in awe. It makes it all worth it.

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I started my career into the technology field as an actor on stage at Cypress College theater where I quickly realized the spotlight wasn't for me. I found my calling behind the scenes working on all things A/V related. I found my way into a multitude of roles ranging from running corporate presentations in upscale hotels, to crawling through attics to install in-ceiling speakers.

I am a passionate entrepreneur focused on developing businesses at the bleeding edge of technology. I am continuously pushing myself to garner new skills and abilities that will further my ability to carry our team to the height of our capabilities.

I am ecstatic to be a member of the JA Event Production team and I can't wait to seen where the future will take us and our clients.

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My journey into Live Sound started in 2009 when the church I was attending found itself in need of an audio engineer. Having always been intrigued by the craft, I decided to fill the position, teaching myself about Live Sound by buying books and watching YouTube videos.

From there, I attended Cerritos College where I studied portable entertainment technology, and upon completing the course landed a job running sound at Knott's Berry Farm, where I also worked on the Media Production team doing video.

Currently, I run FOH and Monitors at the House of Blues Anaheim, and am happy to be part of the JA Event Production team!

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